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I felt that it's high time someone told the media to pull their heads in

so I did


20 May 2009

Dear Radio New Zealand

As of the beginning of March I stopped working in Real Estate, a decision not taken lightly but due mainly to my not wanting to waste any more time and energy in the present market that was mainly created by you lot.

You may or may not also be interested to know that I no longer listen to morning report, of which I used to be an avid listener, nor do I watch TV News either, as  I can no longer be bothered listening to the constant negativity.

The final straw came one February morning when I heard a woman reporter on morning report saying something like "Real Estate prices plunged a further point one percent last week" or words to that effect.  Surely something less emotive like "Real Estate prices declined a further point one percent" would have been more suitable for an objective(?) government radio station

Even if they had fallen one percent%, it's not really that big of a deal! Real estate prices fluctuate from month to month anyway.

The interesting irony of all this is that the media seem to forget who's funding them - their constant talking down of the economy will eventually backfire on them as the struggling retailers and other business people who had in the past used their advertising services, will no longer be able to afford to do so...

It did come up at our weekly meetings that we should be telling one of our major advertising vehicles to pull their heads in, if they wanted our continued support.

Anyway, you can do what you like with your radio station, I'm not listening to it any more.... a pity I can't request my tax dollars be diverted away from you though... or can I?.....

You can do what you like with this email too, for that matter - why not print it out and burn it?  Since negativity and destruction seems to be your thing

Thought you could do with the feedback

Try and have a nice life

Andrew Boyd
11 Selwyn Lake Road
RD 3 Leeston
Canterbury 7683


As I received no reply - perhaps they thought I was a spammer, I've decided to send it from a different email address and take the chance to refine it a little: ver 2


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