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Its August 2011, and thanks to a persistent friend in Auckland, my life could well be changing....

In New Zealand, in the days when we just had Telecom, we all took it for granted that we “had to” pay through the nose for all our toll calls, then Clear Communications came along and things began to get interesting.  But it wasn’t really untill the advent of calling cards (serious competition)  that Telecom finally began to let those that dared to ask, in on their best kept secret (0161).

With shopping for daily essentials, we’ve always turned to the supermarkets, but now we have an alternative, and its much more interesting than a calling card....

I’ve joined a company where I can buy my groceries direct - from their website - switched stores from Pak n Save to the new company.  Which suits me - I’ve become more cynical and annoyed with the ‘clever’ ways that retailers pack out product with inert filler, in order to make it appear that customers are ‘getting a bargain’ etc.  Insulting.... No different from the dairy farmer next door, putting water in the milk - SO last century!  

The company has been around for 25 years, started in the US, and their goal has always been to develop products that are healthy and good for the environment.

This means that more of my shopping is online, everything for the bathroom, laundry and kitchen, not to mention health and skin care (including an awesome product that hugely helps excema sufferers). And all the stuff I get online, is eco-friendly and bio-degradeable, which really appeals to me.

So I'm thinking this company may have an effect on supermarkets much like the calling card companies have had on telcom....

The advantages I see are

convenience (being able to shop on line, goods delivered monthly for a fee of around $10 or less, depending on the size of your order.

eco-friendly products (the company prides itself in ONLY selling eco-friendly products).

there is even a chance that I, and the others I introduce to the company, may also make some money from this, serious money - simply by introducing others to the company which pretty quickly will mean that the cost of our own monthly purchases are more than compensated for by a commission cheque....

These products are usually highly concentrated so there are benefits there for the environment (less plastic pollution) and savings (less postage and production costs) for us.

Interestingly, no product from this company, contains any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, or its derivatives.  SLS is the world’s most common surfactant used in everything from ‘gentle’ facial cleansers to floor cleaners.

The products you want to purchase are for your own use only, that’s all!  You purchase direct from the the company website unlike some other more well known organisations, where you get them from your “upline”  (the person who signed you up - who will most likely have a garage full of product)

If you want to promote the company, you don’t have to be trucking around a product warehouse, stored  in your garage, a cardboard box would do!  You buy for your own use only - you won’t be retailing it.

I have done some costings of these products and they seem quite competitive.

Unlike supermarkets that split profits amongst shareholders, the company actually shares with its preferred customers like me, the profits of sales (purchases) by people that I introduce and people that they introduce and so on - “down to seven levels” I’ve been told, but I still want to check that one out

What I see as “Saying it all” is the company’s massive customer retention rate - on average 95% of the company customers stay on board.  One marketing executive in Australia who has around 800 signed up below her, has about a 98% retention of her customers....

It was seeing this 95% average retention rate that helped me decide that it was time for me to get involved.

I already shop online with “1-day” and “Grab One”  and probably one or two others in the past

Its the way of the future, and no time like the present!

To find out more and view the product range and videos etc, visit the the company  website 中文简体 中文繁體

You can also see ‘Videos for Africa’ on their  youtube channel    sports related video

If you think you’d like to enrol with the company, please get in touch and we can meet up online or even IN REAL LIFE!


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